Soccer Camp

This was such a fun camp and they learned so much!

Inaugural Pegasus Ranch

The grown-ups got away for the weekend and spent the weekend at Pegasus Ranch, such a cool place to stay. That house had anything you could have ever wanted to do. As always, we had so much fun with this crazy group!

Food Truckin'

Soccer Trophy

Everett's time with the Bulldozers has come to an end, whew! On to the next soccer season!

S-more Fun Please

When smores are one of your mom's favorite treats, we find a way to have them even we aren't at a campfire! 

Pool Time

Man do we love to swim!! We are so thankful for friends with swimming pools :) It always equals a fun time!

Bike ride on the Trinity

I finally got brave enough and took the kids on a bike ride at the Trinity River. They still need to improve (like a LOT) their bike manners but it was super fun and I can see many more rides in our future!

Dental Trauma

Poor girl had to have some dental work and there is only way for her to do that...put her under! She did great and it was made all better with a popsicle and a stuffed animal.

End of School Party

Just a little celebration for the end of the school year...actually we just look for reasons to eat cupcakes!

Everett and his best bud Chase! Sadly we moved away but he talked about him forever!


Look at those cute feet!
Big and small, they can't be beat.
Matching socks for the boys
Is even better than toys!

Look I am not wearing stretch pants!

Headed to a friends wedding so I had to change out of my work-day attire :)