NICU Blanket Drop Off

Everett's 2nd-grade class collect blankets for the local Cook's - NICU. It was neat to take the trip almost exactly the same time he was in the NICU eight years ago. He has such a good group of classmates and a wonderful teacher that organized this. 

Happy 8th Birthday Everett!

Our super sweet boy is turning 8 this year! We had his birthday party at All-Star Ninjas where there a bunch of American Ninja Warrior courses for the kids to play on. They all had to much fun and of course, the warp-wall was the biggest hit. Everyone had to try to get up to the top and hit the buzzer. Even the grown-ups!

Bubble Buddies

These turkeys got rubber duckies in their goodie bags from Aiden's birthday party and they couldn't wait to play with them in the bathtub. They spent over an hour in the tub giggling and playing.

Happy birthday Aiden!

Aiden had his birthday party at a gymnastics place where the kids got to go crazy for an hour. They loved jumping in the foam pit and the trampolines. Happy Birthday Aiden, we love you!

Emma's Daddy-Daughter Day

Emma chose to go to Epic Waterpark, it's a new indoor water park in Grand Prairie. They had a great time and then celebrated by playing in the arcade where they won the bonus three times on the clown toss game.

Easter 2018

Easter morning had baskets and church, Easter lunch had sandwiches at Bubbe's, and Easter afternoon had an egg hunt and potato sack race. We may have found Everett's secret skill, he is a beast in the potato sack. For some reason, Lilly kept attacking Emma during the races and we could not stop laughing the entire time. 

Lilly's Daddy-Daughter Day

For the second year in a row, Lilly chose to go to a Stars game. They were lucky and went on fan appreciation night and got a ton of free loot. They came home with t-shirts, hats, lanyards and more!