A day with Thomas and the Grandmas

Well let's start by telling you how much Lillian LOVES trains...and Thomas the Train. So the grandmas were going to take Emma and Lilly to see Thomas she was so excited she talked about it all week. Then a stomach bug came to visit the night before. It was so hard to watch her be sick but it was worse having to tell her she couldn't ride Thomas. My heart hurt for her.

Next we can tell you how much fun Everett and Emma had. These are just a couple of the pictures of the event. Next year Lilly will hopefully get to do it.

Nana and Bubbe with Everett
Everett and Emma looking out the window.
Nana with Emma and Everett.
Everett looking so big and handsome.
Bubbe with Emma and Everett.
Emma looking so grown-up and beautiful.
Emma and Everett at A Day Out with Thomas.

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