Family Vacation in Galveston

Over Memorial Day we took a vacation to Galveston. We left Everett with Nana for the weekend (sorry Evo you were too little to go). We had such a wonderful time and we can't wait to go back and take Everett! We played on the beach, rode a bike on the sea wall, went to Kemah Beach and slid down the slides at Moody Gardens!

PARTY PEOPLE!! Get your free HI-5's!!! The 4 of us riding a bike on the sea wall.
The girls eating popsicles on the patio.
Dad and the girls on the beach.
Relaxing on the patio.
The girls eating their treats before we ride the big bike.
Emma and Lilly going down the water slide together.
Daddy and Lilly showing us how its done!
Getting their faces painted.
Mom and the girls about to leave Kemah, what a fun place!
Dad showing us how strong he is :)
Emma and Dad riding the BIG girl ride
Lilly riding the 'hop hop' in the carousel
Fishing for a monkey prize.
The girls surfing it up!
Lilly at the beach.
Daddy and Lilly surfing (and singing the barbie surfing song)
Emma making a sand castle.
Lilly and Emma at the beach.
The family playing in the water the first night we arrived.


  1. Most Awesomest Post Ever!

  2. Looks like fun!!! Glad you were able to go.

  3. As a side note for Everett - we had a blast too - we put about 10 miles on the stroller walking up/down Main St. in Grapevine at 6:45am for a couple of days and also got some good shopping in - when the stores finally opened!