Ol' Virginia

Aunt Crystal, the kids and I went to Virginia for a visit. It was an absolute wonderful trip. It started off great because Crystal was able to help me on the plane and keep me from going crazy! It was so good to see everyone, especially my grandma and grandpa. I know they are getting older but I am sure they are just getting better. Seeing them makes me appreciate my childhood summers so much. They were able to do so much with us. I can only hope that our kids will get to have similar memories of their grandparents.

We are now officially too big of a family to stay at dad's so Grandma was able to get us a condo at Shenandoah Crossings. It was a life saver, it was nice to have a small area to corral the kids and only have minimal things for them to break. There was a lot of activities to do right there where we stayed, we swam, rode a pony, played on a playground, saw a turtle, rode in a paddle boat and fed the ducks from the pontoon boat, and the best thing....visited with our FAMILY! I can't wait to go back!

Lilly and Noah, she was ALL ABOUT him :)Everett helping Grandpa drink his water.
Everett taking a walk with Uncle Tony.
Jared and all of the kids at the cook-out.
The tie that the girls colored for PaPak for Father's Day.
David, Glenda and their girls came out to the boat for a little bit. Tiffany gave Emma a friendship bracelet that she has not taken off yet...about two weeks.
The girls feeding the duck that followed us most of the night.
Everett driving the boat, he HATED that life jacket, it lasted about 10 minutes.
Dad driving us all around the lake, it was a beautiful night to take a ride.
Everett learned how to walk on the this vacation, here he walking on the boat.Everett was giving out free hugs. :)
Just got done playing on the playground, waiting for PaPak to pick us up.
Having a picnic, that Martha prepared on the boat. It was so much fun.
Everett was memorized by the bubbles.
Blowing bubbles outside the cabin.
Emma being ready for any photo and Lilly...well Lilly being Lilly :)
Everett laid on my grandma for a few minutes just looking at her and letting her rock him. It was so sweet.
Everett looking super cute.
Grandpa and Lilly.
Grandma and Lilly.
Lilly modeling her new accessories!
A big snapping turtle that was caught on the dock, it was HUGE!
I don't think the girls are helping too much...I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into :)
Resting after a long day of playing. Lilly loved that phone.
Dad taking Lilly down the slide, she loved it!
Dad taking Everett down the slide...only one of them enjoyed it :)
Enjoying ice pops
Uncle Mike sharing his hat with Everett.
Lilly and her cousin Grace playing nicely in the pool
PaPak and his girls.
Grandpa and me.
Grandma and me.
Blurry picture but you can see Everett was giving my grandpa a hug
Lilly was so excited and was riding like a pro!
Emma loving her pony time!

The girls held on tight to their tokens for the pony rides!
Making pizza with Mimi.
Trying to get all three of them to pose is pretty hard :)
Mimi and Everett playing.
Everett giving some good love.
Trying to catch some bugs!
Lilly trying to give PaPak a tongue kiss...yuck!
Having fun at the pool!
Crystal shooting...
and Dad shooting back!
Me and Everett at the pool.

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  1. How did you fit SO much in in so few days?!?! Your kids made G'ma & G'pa so happy! They loved that Everett and his hugs. Great pictures. Come again soon!!! PS - I'd love any pics from our party you got! :) MA