Labor Day 2011

Well after the entire summer of over 100 degrees we were expecting refreshing weather for Labor Day...boy was it! We got to the lake around 9:30am and it was about 29 degrees with a windchill of -1... well maybe not that cold but it was too cold for us! We tried to swim and have a picnic but by 11am the kids were frozen over so we went back to Nana's house. By the afternoon it was perfect though so we walked down mainstreet and enjoyed some ice cream!

The kids were trying to figure out if they people were real.
Emma eating her ice cream.
Everett and Nana shared!
As long as you were in the water it was warm but you didn't want to stand up.
Everett had to borrow a tshirt to stay warm.
You can tell by the waves it was windy!
Everett looking handsome!
Daddy couldn't bear it...he was too precious.
Daddy opening his birthday presents from Aunt Pam and Nana.
Lilly on the playground.

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