Emma's Memphis Birthday

I can't believe it but Emma turned 6! She chose to have her birthday party in Memphis so she could celebrate with her cousins. She had a great time and was so happy to celebrate it there. It warms my heart how much she loves family and the sweet bond that she has with Sarah.
Emma opening her presents
Loving her new barbies.
Our budding artist.
Spreading her love, thanking Aunt Melissa for the scrapbook.
Getting ready to make her wish.
She is such a sweet loving girl.
Blowing out all SIX candles...well maybe Lilly helped a little.
Lilly gave up decorating and went strait to eating the toppings.
Lilly and her cupcake.
Everett's mild-mannered temper tantrum.
Emma with Mom & Dad
Emma and her cupcake.
Everett didn't even wait to decorate it!
Sarah and her cupcake.
Savannah and her sweet cupcake.

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  1. Cute...I really like Everette's temper tantrum. All parents should be so lucky.