Visit from Mimi and Papock

Dad and Martha came to visit us in January this year so they could spend Christmas with my grandparents and Crytstal in Virginia. We missed them but love them coming to visit any time we can get them.  We laid low and had just a wonderful time playing around the house. We sure love you guys and miss you!
Papock reading to Lilly & Everett
 Mimi and the girls doing the conga!
 More dancing!
 Everett had to get in for Ring A Round the Rosy!
 We all fall DOWN!
Going for a bike ride.
 Mimi and Everett checking out the MOLA exhibit at the zoo.
 Papock and Emma at the zoo.
 Lilly loves this phone at the zoo.
 Emma & Lilly checking out the snakes...NO THANKS!
Mimi decorating cupcakes with the girls.
Showing off their tasty work.
A close up of the goodies!

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