Butterfly Exhibit

Over spring break we went to the butterfly exhibit with Trisha, Taylor and Brynn. The girls were in heaven having other girls around, especially Emma.  It was such a neat exhibit and Emma was able to tell us so much about it since she had gone with her class the week before.
All the kids getting their first glimpse.
 Everett was just glad to be out of his stroller jail.
 Emma hanging out with the girls.
Everett actually got to hold one, much to the museums disappointment :) He has ninja skills!
 One of the prettier butterflies.
 Lilly and Everett posing.
 Everett was determined to get INTO the camera :) He wouldn't sit still.
 Emma "instructing" everyone on what to do in the craft room.
 Big sister helping out.
Lilly trying on some wings...cutie pie.

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  1. Everett looks more like he's "running" away from "all" the girls!