Lilly's 1st Playdate

Lilly has made a sweet friend at Zoo school named Carson.  Lilly had walked with her family during one of the walks at zoo school and her mom sent home a sweet note inviting us for a play date. Even better, Carson has a brother a little older than Everett! We were all excited and when the date finally came we met at the museum to visit the new Grossology exhibit. Lilly wasn't sure about most of it but she still had a blast!
Carson, Jordan, Everett and Lilly looking at the giant runny nose that talked (GROSS)
 Playing with even grosser stuff... :)
 Everett in the "stomach" slide
 Lilly and Everett
Lilly on the "stomach" slide.
 Jordan, Carson and Lilly
Mr. Everett.
Jordan and Everett shopping...ugh Everett can you get out of the produce?
 Lilly and Carson checking out.
 Everett in the produce bin...again :)
 Everett and Lilly driving the ambulance.
 Carson and Lilly with their babies.
 Everett and Lilly playing on the computer.
 Carson, Everett and Lilly playing with the water guns.
 Carson and Everett playing with the boats.
 Evo was very serious about the water... he was SOAKED!
 Evo and Lilly playing with the boats.


  1. I love it!! I would love the picture of Carson and Lilly together for her scrapbook. Would you please e-mail it to me? Thanks!!

  2. Yeah to Lilly and the play dates!