Oh goodness...SLEEPOVER!!!

I don't know how she remembered but when Emma was 5 I told her she could have a sleepover when she was 7.  WHELP...she turned 7 this year.  She had a sleepover for her birthday party. Overall it went very well and she had a great time. She invited four of her friends; Grace, Keira, Emma R and Fiona.  We had pizza and decorated cupcakes then they got into their pjs and watched some tv. Then we made our handprint pillowcases. They were all asleep by 11 and I was asleep by 11:15.  We woke up and cinnamon rolls and then they went home around 9:30.  I hope we don't have to do it again anytime soon but I am so glad that she had a good birthday.
Emma R.'s cupcake.
 Lilly, Emma and Grace decorating cupcakes.
 Everett and Dad eating the icing :)
 Emma and Emma during present time.
 Emma opening presents.
 Emma R., Emma and Keira
 Fiona and Emma
 All the girls and Everett photo-bombing.
 All the pillowcases!
 The gumball machine...this was a hit!

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