Playing at the Perot

The new Perot museum opened last year, while Dad and Martha were in town we all went. What a great museum. They had great exhibits that the kids could learn from and touch. We could have spent all weekend there. 

Everett in the children's area - the super market.
Who is that behind us??  And what is going on with Evo's hair!!!
Check out who's on the tv!
Playing with smoke.
Emma in the construction zone.
Lilly playing in the water.
Lilly in the construction zone.
Lilly in the flower market.
Everett and PaPak playing in the water.
Checking out the dinosaurs!
My sweet little Evo, I liked your hair long...sorry!
Chilling out.
More tv time!
More water fun.
Emma playing in the children's area.
Everett loved the water boats.
Lilly making sure I see her :)

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