Lake Mineral Wells State Park

We took a family adventure to Lake Mineral Well State Park and it is now my favorite state park in our area. It was like you entered another state, it was like nothing in the north Texas area.  So many different features and fun hikes (even though I was a nervous wreck during some of it).
Starting the hike off at stage of course ;)
 Descending the first rock staircase.
 A little cave we found...I didn't go in but everyone else did.
 Then we found the lake.
 I am at the bottom of the huge rock...they are at the top!
 A fallen tree is a perfect balance beam.
 Little climber.
 We went through a very small crack and then it opened to this.  BEAUTIFUL!
 A perfect pose.
 Family hugs in a cave tunnel.
To end the day in perfection we saw this deer on the way out.

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