San Francisco -Summer 2013

I got to go to San Francisco with Mom and Crystal, it was a great time.  We got to see so many sights and spend time with Crystal which is always great even though she is always trying to get away from us :)
Lombard Street

 Grace Cathedral

 All the trolleys are controlled right here. Amazing!
Crystal needed a "pick me up"!
The Muir Woods was positively amazing and my favorite part of the whole weekend.





 The Japanese Tea Garden...from the front gate because we are too cheap to go in :)

Crystal pretended to have some culture and wanted to go this museum. I know the truth :)

 At a delicious steak dinner, after they made me eat at the hotel the night before...I mean come ON!
 The America's Cup was in SFO and we stopped by to look at things and Crystal needed to repack our bags :)
Crystal the HOBO on the ferry.  It wasn't THAT cold :)

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