With NO Plan at All!

While the kids stayed at mom's we took a quick exit out of town with no plan. Our first stop was Waco where we rented a kayak and paddled the Brazos River.  It was so much fun, it seems that even though we are a good team, we both think we are the lead when it comes to steering a boat :)

 Then our next impromptu stop was Enchanted Rock State Park. This is pretty close to where we got married 9 years ago! We had never been here before and it was AMAZING. It looks like a big soft mountain but its a huge solid rock that you can go straight up on.  We got completely lost on our hike and I was worried that the sun was going to set and we would still be hiking but we finally peeked out and found our way to our car.  I definitely had a few worrisome moments. :)

 We begin out climb.
 Half way up!
 This rock was on the back side of the rock as we tried to hike down.
 Just to put it in perspective, those rocks were BIG.

You can tell that the rock laying down just fell off the bigger rock, I thought that was pretty neat.
 Another view point, a closer look.
I hate that it was dusk and you can't really tell in this picture but there must have been 30 bucks  and a ton more does behind this fence. It was amazing to see!
Then we drove to Fredericksburg and stayed at a little hotel. In the morning, we went and had breakfast and walked around Main Street for a while.
 Out last quick stop was at the Longhorn Caverns, we didn't get to go into the caverns because of needing to get back but we did spend about 30 minutes walking around.

 From in the entrance of the cavern.

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