Labor Day 2013 in Galveston

We went to Galveston with Nana for Labor Day weekend.  It was a fun getaway and the beach was wonderful!  
Our view from the deck.
 They have a new Pleasure Pier, it was a lot of fun!  Hot! but fun!
 Everett did NOT like it the first time he rode this but by the end of the day he rode it non-stop!
 Not the face of someone enjoying the ride!
 The cars were much better!

 He was not sure the pirate was fake or not.
 Dad and the girls riding a big-kid ride!

 Everett won!
 Someone is tired!
 Maybe someone else it too!
 Surfer girl!

 Lilly got stung by a jellyfish!

 Ice cream break!
 This face!

 Sneaking some whipped cream :)

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