Virginia - Summer 2013

We were able to spend some time in Virginia visiting family and just having FUN.  It was a great time and I love taking the kids to the same place I spent my summers.
On the plane, getting ready to leave! Virginia bound!

 First stop - a visit with Bessy-bob.
 It was a little rainy but it didn't keep us from catching a few fish. Lilly caught the first one, but she didn't want to touch it :)
 Everett caught a fish that was just his size! Petite and adorable.
Great job to Emma for having patience as she ran from fishing spot to fishing spot!
 Just a little bubble fun.
 Spent our days at the pool!
 Emma's sassy-ness
 Lilly's sassy-ness
 Just a little pose, these kids aren't professionals :)
 Lilly immediately took to Uncle David, she was messing with him and just giggling away.
 My sweet Lilly-bug always finds time for Grandpa.
 Uncle David let them tour his motorcycle!
 Uhh Evo, I don't think thats the way it goes.
1st Annual Peach Festival - VA style.
 My little peach!
 Hula-hooping master.
 Mimi and Evo playing some of the games.
 Got to ride the pony, they loved it!

 Lilly pushing Mimi on the big swing.
 How do you think this ended :)
 Trying to buck off the big sis.
 Super STAR!
 Donut eating contest...they cared more that they were eating a donut.
 Our days were long and tiring.
 Everett would walk in the basement and grab the stool and game and immediately play with Grandpa.
 Love getting to see Grandpa smile and have fun.
 The next generations tree-house.
 The girls loved it!
 I love this picture with the house in the background. It makes me think of how many times it was in the background of my pictures growing up.
Lilly found a skateboard...scary!
 Tiffany & Lilly!
 More posing.
 We went and watched Planes with Mimi.

 Lincoln logs with Grandma.
 Everett playing with Grandpa.

 Kings Dominion!  Oh YEAH!
 The first ride of the day!

 They loved getting to see the characters.

 Everett never quite got the hang of the bumper cars but it was funny to watch!
 Oh that smile!
 That's Pa-pock and Emma in the front on the old scooby-doo roller coaster.
 Not quite big enough for this ride!
 Emma smiling BEFORE the wasn't quite the same face after this scary ride!

 We love that Aunt Crystal was with us!
 Getting ready to go into the water park side.
 Oh don't mind me while I lick the plate.

 Aunt Crystal getting in a squeeze!

 Everett playing with Grandpa again.

 I love getting to see them. It makes the stress of traveling with the kids totally worth it!

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