Haiti Mission Trip

We were blessed by our family and friends who all donated money to pay for our trip to Haiti.  We went with 15 other people to spend a week in Haiti where were worked with Kings Cross Ministries in the village of GalGal.  We spent our time in their school working with the kids there and building a local market.  We also had a team of medical professionals that went on a few medical trips.  It was a wonderful experience and we will never forget it.
On the bus leaving the airport
This guy was building benches, but he was on break when we got there.  So he went and pretended to hammer so we could take pictures of him.
This was Robenson, he was adopted by the Lovan's, the family who runs Kings Cross Ministries.
Our team before going to church.
Chris preaching and Robenson translating for him.
The medical team in front of the home we stayed in.
The foundation of the market building, this is the team I was on.
On the tap tap going up to Gal Gal
Some of the guys on our team.
Haiti was beautiful.
One of my favorite little girls.
Chris carried this water bottle down the hill for this guy...he said it was HEAVY!
The building team,
Chris and the Johnson's showing off :)
Chris sharing the Gospel with the kids.
This little girl lived 20 minutes from the ocean but had never been, she is one of the top students in her class.
Our beach day, it was gorgeous. I saw real starfish and a never ending supply of sea shells.
Chris and Charlins, one of our translators.
The Lovan children, the family that hosted us.
Shady and Robenson.
This is the bench that Chris and I had to sleep on in the airport in Fort Lauderdale.

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  1. Cool trip, with lots of memories for you....good job!!