Can you believe I went to a MUSEUM!?

I took the kids to the Children's Museum, it was so much fun. We went with Whitney and her kids. I had never been and the kids LOVED playing and being able to touch everything. I can't wait to go back.
Everett and Lilly playing with one of the puzzles.
Me and Lilly coming out the tunnel we rode in.
Elan and Lilly riding the horses.
Everett riding his horse.
Emma and her horse racing!

The kids having a great time.
Everett & Lilly playing with the dinosaur puzzle.
Emma sitting in the dinosaur print.
Lilly playing with her baby in the "hospital"
Lilly sliding down the pole.
Everett playing with the water guns.
Everett loved these bubbles.
Lilly & Emma shopping in the "grocery store".
The kids going into their favorite part of the museum.
Playing with the bursts of air.
Playing with the blocks.
Emma making herself dizzy on the motion wheel.
Getting ready to go in!


  1. Looks like fun! Wish I was there to play too. xoxoxoxo

  2. Ahhh, the memories! As I look at each of these pictures, what I realize is ... Lilly has many many facial expressions.