Christmas 2012

Christmas morning! We had such a great morning. I know its about the kids but really it was about ME this time. I got a brand new BIKE!  It was sitting out in the living room when I woke up. Thank you Santa!!!  It was funny because I surprised Chris with a mountain was a bike'alicious Christmas for us.
Pam made the breakfast of champions. So cute!
The kids enjoying Aunt Pam's breakfast.
Everett had about 6 of the snowman donuts.
Lilly look A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E while waiting to open her presents.
Chris can't wait either...
Aunt Pam, Uncle Bryan and Nana
Everett can not believe that he got a tractor!
Bubbe being "Super Grandma" and putting together Evo's new train tracks.
The new tractor!
Oh yeah buddy!
Lilly making music, thanks Aunt Pam!
Our very traditional was the best Christmas dinner we have had! YUMMY
Lilly got a Brave bow & arrow set...she quickly changed into her costume!
We had to take apart Toys R Us for this mask and web spinner.
It was worth it to see him play with it.

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