Dallas Aquarium

Over the holiday break we tried to go to the new Perot Museum with the Harvey's but they were sold out so we decided to go across the street and visit the Dallas Aquarium instead.  Neither Lilly or Everett had ever been and they really enjoyed it.
Everyone checking things out.
Everett was EVERYWHERE, he wanted to make sure he didn't miss anything.
Lilly made Chris carry her through almost the whole place...she hates walking! UGH
Let me see!
The kids and their friends, Carolyne and Solomon.
Everett...that poor boy needs a haircut mom!
Emma and Dad.
Lilly checking out the waterfall.
Everett...don't move...there's a turtle right behind you.
We loved the tunnel we go to walk through.
My sweet babies.
Everett really enjoyed the jellyfish.
Whoa Emma that was a close call!
Checking things out.

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