Emma is Eight!

Emma picked a birthday weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge as her birthday party. We all had so much fun and enjoyed being "snowed in" during the ice storm.  We spent all day in the water park swimming and going down all the slides we could.
Santa was there waiting for us!

 Chilling out and having a snack.
 Mom! I don't want any pictures.
 Me neither Mom!
 Birthday Girl!
 This is what is looked like outside while we were swimming inside
 Lilly floating away.
 Evo needed a break.
 We got a super cool room with a separate area with bunk beds for the kids.

 Emma got Toms for her birthday.
 And a doll with accessories.
 More family fun.

Nap time! 
 Uh oh Dad, what did you do?
 Lilly means business!
 Getting ready to leave.
 We loved our time at the Great Wolf Lodge!
 Happy Birthday Emma!

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