Still Snowed in...

After we left Great Wolf Lodge we traveled so far...across the street to the Gaylord Hotel.  The city was still iced in and we couldn't make it home so my mom was gracious enough to let us use her points so we didn't have to take any chances.  We had more fun and the weekend was full of memories. 
Touring the hotel on our way to dinner!
 Santa's Boots
 Such a sweet present!
 We built our first family gingerbread house.  We had to explain how old the candy was so they wouldn't keep eating it!
 Having fun.
 Taking the job serious!
 Uh oh Lilly, don't look behind you!
 We got to meet the Gingerbread from Shrek!
 We are having THISSSS much fun!
 Looking good!

 Sweet hugs.
 Old fashioned phone ;)
 This is still what it looked like outside!
 Lilly had the camera and took this picture.
 Please look at this sisterly-love going on behind Everett!
Treat time!

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